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Continuing Education for Working Professionals
Tech students review construction plans
Tech students review construction plans

Georgia Tech Professional Education gives professionals and industry partners around the world access to the knowledge and expertise of an internationally ranked technological research university.

We offer a variety of customizable courses and professional master’s degree programs that are taught by faculty and industry experts and engineered for relevance, flexibility, and convenience.

We have campuses in Atlanta and Savannah and offer programs at 40 additional locations worldwide.

Georgia Tech’s Professional Education opportunities:
Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I earn college credit for my Professional Education course?

Continuing education units, also known as CEUs, are earned instead of college credit. Professional Education also offers professional certificates in a wide range of subject areas. College credit is available only for students enrolled in master's degree programs delivered via distance learning. For more information on online master’s degrees, please call 404.894.3378 or visit

How do I get a course catalog?

For an up-to-date schedule of courses, as well as brochures, dates, pricing, and online registration, go to

Does Georgia Tech offer on-site training for businesses and organizations?

Yes. Many of our courses can be customized and conducted exclusively to meet a group's specific needs. Companies that have taken advantage of this on-site education include CNN, The Coca-Cola Company, AT&T, and Delta Air Lines. As an added benefit, these on-site courses often cost less than other professional education and development options. For more information, click here.

How do I balance the demands of Professional Education programs with my career, family life, and personal needs?

Professional Education programs and degrees are designed specifically for working professionals and give you multiple options for maximum flexibility; however, enrollment in any program is a significant undertaking and will compete with other demands. You should carefully consider your decision to apply after securing the support of your employer, family, and other affected parties.

I don't have the financial support of my employer. Can I still apply? What type of financial assistance is available?

To apply for financial assistance, please contact the Office of Student Financial Planning and Services at 404.894.4160 or visit Please remember that you are responsible for securing financial resources to pay for all program costs and you must maintain payments in good standing to continue participation in the program without interruption.