Tackling Medical Challenges

Dooctor and nurse discussing medical options

Tackling Medical Challenges

Tackling Medical Challenges

Working Toward a Better Today and Healthier Tomorrow

Georgia Tech’s commitment to tackling medical challenges is underscored by our new million square-foot, state-of-the-art Engineered Biosystems Building, which opened in 2015. Here and elsewhere on campus, faculty and students are conducting breakthrough research with the goal of making health care more effective and accessible for people of all ages, the world over.

scientist doing experiment
Getting Ahead of Cancer

Using chromatography and spectrometry techniques coupled with computer algorithms, researchers have identified metabolite compounds that more accurately detect ovarian cancer at an early stage.

drug patch
Accessible Drug Delivery

Microneedle patches developed at Georgia Tech promise to make vaccines less painful and more widely available, while reducing costs, and relieving the burden on health care providers.

child having tempeture taken
Improving Medical Care for Children

Georgia Tech researchers are tackling one of the biggest challenges in pediatric medicine — medical technologies just for kids — as well as developing new technologies that help families access care from home.

Dr. Wilbur Lam and his mentee Rob Mannino sitting in front of a laboratory to discuss Rob's research
Advancing Mobile Health

Rob Mannino used his own chronic, life-threatening blood disorder to develop a medical app that is poised to advance the field of mobile health technology.

A young child wearing mirrored sunglasses which reflect the prism all around her.
Bringing the Autism Spectrum Into Focus

Across Georgia Tech, researchers from every discipline are devoted to autism research, including its causes and most effective treatments.