Fort McPherson Action Plan Wins National APA Student Award

A team of Georgia Tech City and Regional Planning students captured the 2012 national American Planning Association Student Project Award for a proposal to redevelop Fort McPherson in a way that benefits the neighborhoods that surround it. The 488 acre U.S. Army Base in Southwest Atlanta was included in a 2005 Pentagon base closure plan. The award will be presented during the national APA conference in Los Angeles in April.

Working under the direction of Professor of the Practice Michael Dobbins, the former students who completed the proposal in a fall 2010 Master of City and Regional Planning studio course include:

  • Rati Akash (MCRP ‘11)
  • Zachary Adriaenssens (MCRP ’11)
  • Kia Ball (MCRP ’11
  • Leslie Caceda (MCRP ’11)
  • Carlos Campo (MCRP/MS-Civil Engineering ’10)
  • Chris Faulkner (MCRP ’11)
  • Carolyn Knabel (BS-Arch ’10, MCRP ’11;)
  • Jenna Lee (MCRP ’11)
  • Moki Macias (MCRP ’11)
  • Drew Murray (MCRP ’11)
  • Neela Ram (MCRP/MS Pub Pol ’10)
  • Ruma Ram (MCRP ’11)
  • Andrea Rattray (MCRP ’11)
  • Stephanie Wansley (MCRP ’11)

The team’s approach was from the perspective of the neighboring communities—mostly low to moderate income communities of color—and how future development can complement surrounding community characteristics rather than considering redevelopment of the base in isolation, as most plans have.  

The resulting proposal, “Action Plan for the Fort McPherson Community" is the product of thorough analyses and public participation from more than 75 citizens and elected officials from neighboring communities. It was completed with support from Georgia Stand-Up and the Ford Foundation.

Recognized specifically for its contribution of planning to contemporary issues, the action plan made recommendations for ensuring that redevelopment plans provided community benefits in seven core areas:

    • Economic Development and Jobs,
    • Education and Culture,
    • Environment and Health,
    • Housing,
    • Land Use and Zoning,
    • Public Safety,
    • and Transportation

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