Chemistry in Lyon, France

This summer, 17 Georgia Tech science and engineering students are participating in a faculty-led study abroad program in Lyon, France for six weeks.  Under the supervision of Dr. Cameron Tyson, the Biomolecular Engineering, Science, and Technology (BEST) Study Abroad Program in Lyon, France, offers students to the opportunity to complete chemistry coursework, visit local scientific industry and government labs (such as Sanofi-Aventis, the Pasteur Institute in Paris, CERN in Geneva), and experience French culture and learn the language.  Students and Dr. Tyson are currently in residence at the host university of CPE (Ecole Superieure de Chimie Physique Electronique de Lyon)….home of Nobel Laureate Victor Grignard.  The group will have the opportunity to participate in a special symposium at CPE honoring the 100th year anniversary of award of the Nobel prize to Dr. Grignard.

If you wish to follow the group, check out the BEST Lyon France Facebook page:!/groups/357998954228585/ 

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