"Multilateral Cyber Solutions: Contemporary Realities" Article Published

CISTP Distinguished Senior Research Fellow Tony Rutkowski, CISTP Senior Research Associate William Foster, and Professor and CISTP Co-Director Sy Goodman published an article this summer in the Federation of American Scientists.   The article explores what kind of trust based relationships can best support "continuous monitoring",  the new strategy of sharing cybersecurity threats so that they can be addressed.   The InternationalTelecommunications Union is not an appropriate place to develop these trust based relationships. 

A. M. Rutkowski, W. A. Foster, S. E. Goodman, “Multilateral Cyber Security Solutions: Contemporary Realities,” Public Interest Report, Federation of American Scientists, Vol. 65(1), Summer 2012, 7 pages.

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  • Foster & Goodman PIR Publication Summer 2012

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