CSE Seminar: Prof. Bo Hong

Speaker: Prof. Bo Hong, Georgia Tech - ECE


Extending Hadoop to Support Binary-Input Applications


Many data-intensive applications naturally take multiple inputs, which is not well supported by some popular MapReduce implementations, such as Hadoop. In this talk, we present an extension of Hadoop to better support such applications. The extension is expected to provide the following benefits: (1) easy to program for such applications, (2) explores data localities better than native Hadoop, and (3) improves application performance.

This talk is about an idea, rather than fully developed results. As such, your questions, healthy skepticism, constructive feedback, and offers of collaboration may be even more welcome than usual :)


This work will be presented by Bo Hong, an assistant professor at Georgia Tech ECE. This work is joint with his PhD student Xiao Yu.



Event Details


  • Friday, October 19, 2012
    2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Location: Klaus 2447

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For more information, please contact Rich Vuduc – richie@cc.gatech.edu