GTRIC: Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts Graduate Student Conference


 Tuesday, February 12, 2013
Georgia Tech Student Center & Ferst Theatre

 REGISTRATION: Noon-12:45 pm, Ballroom level, Student Center

 SESSION 1: 12:45-2pm

1A: Exploring Energy Policy: Issues of Competition and Cooperation in the U.S. and Europe, Student Center 301
Benjamin Deitchman
, Public Policy; Mingge Wu, Economics; Xiuli Sun, Economics

1B: The Social Aspects of Communication Technologies: Telegraph, Typewriter, Mass Media, Student Center 319
John H. Miller II, History, Technology, and Society; Xiaoning Dai, History, Technology, and Society; Jeffrey L. Hubbs, Public Policy

SESSION 2: 2:10-3:25pm

2A: Knowledge, Language, and Abstraction: How Communities Share Ideas and Information, Student Center 301
Sanjay K. Arora, Jan Youtie, Alan L. Porter, Philip Shapira, Public Policy; Samuel Zwaan, Digital Media/Literature, Media, and Communication

2B: Contested Meanings of Commercial Products: Negotiations of Use and Value, Student Center 319
Liang Yao, History,Technology, and Society; Emily K. Gibson, History, Technology, and Society; Lisa J. Borello, History, Technology, and Society

SESSION 3: 3:35-4:50pm
3A: Discourses of Knowledge, Security, and Technology: Nuclear Weapons and Remote Sensing Data, Student Center 301
Tong Zhao, International Affairs; Brian Jirout, History, Technology, and Society; Philip Baxter, International Affairs
3B: Sustainability: From Industrial Energy to Nanotechnology, Student Center 319
Gyungwon Kim, Paul Baer, Marilyn Brown, Public Policy; Jonah Bea-Taylor, History, Technology, and Society

 SESSION 4: 5-6:15pm
 4A: Social & Economic Dimensions of Transportation Technologies, Student Center 301
Peter G. Westin, History, Technology, and Society; Hyoung Joon An, History, Technology, and Society; Gregory Macfarlane, Economics and Civil Engineering

4B: Designs for Living: Social, Technical, and Aesthetic Interests, Student Center 319

Hannah Weksler, History, Technology, and Society; Sarah Fox, Digital Media/Literature, Media, and Communication; Ljilja Kascak, College of Architecture/School of Industrial Design

 AWARDS CEREMONY 7pm in Ferst Center Theatre


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Event Details


  • Tuesday, February 12, 2013
    11:00 am - 7:30 pm
Location: Georgia Tech Student Center & Ferst Center Theatre, Atlanta, GA

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