School of Building Construction Lecture Series: Manish Dixit

Manish Dixit

A Candidate for the Assistant Professor position in the School of Building Construction at the Georgia Institute of Technology


Presentation:  Life Cycle Embodied Energy Research: Linking Facility Management to Sustainability

Time:  11:00am, Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Location: Clough Commons Room 323


The presentation summarizes his past and current research on embodied energy and discusses how it relates to the field of facility management and life cycle energy analysis. His doctoral research focuses on the questions:  Can we calculate the embodied energy (EE) of commonly used construction materials using a standard method? And if so, is there any correlation between the cost and embodied energy? This presentation discusses what is required to completely and consistently calculate the embodied energy of a facility. It also summarizes the funded research projects he is involved in, which focus on facility performance assessments (Key Performance Indicators) and Building-integrated Photovoltaic (BiPV) systems.

Furthermore, it outlines a plan for extending this research to the field of facility management and life cycle energy analysis. A Building Information Modeling (BIM) platform (e.g., Revit Architecture) can be used to perform the life cycle energy analysis and facility condition assessment. This plan lists major funding agencies that announce research grants in his field. It also discusses the possibility of interdisciplinary collaboration with the faculty at the School of Building Construction at Georgia Tech.


Event Details


  • Tuesday, January 29, 2013
    10:00 am - 11:00 am
Location: 323 Clough Building

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