CSE Distinguished Lecture Series: Bennett Greenspan

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Title of Talk: The Genomic Revolution Thirteen Years Later:  Genetic Genealogy and Beyond

Abstract:  By examining Y-DNA, mitochondrial DNA and autosomal DNA, genealogists  can bridge the gap between traditional research and genetic relationships, find clues about ancestral origins, and establish connections with people who share common ancestors.  We'll look at the differences between each type of test and how each is important.

The sequencing of the human genome provided the science necessary for a number of practical applications that have become and are becoming part of the common vernacular.  That initial research, ambitious at the time, not only made possible the field of genetic genealogy but also gave individuals direct access to medical information encoded in their genes. 

Sequencing the human genome provides potentially valuable information about inherited tendencies and conditions, and that information is now available directly to individuals, rather than being solely the province of the medical community.

We'll look on the horizon of genetic testing. While still a bit beyond the means of the average consumer, sequencing the entire genome is now available for those who seek to discover the secrets hidden in their genetic code. As the field advances, so will the practical applications of this data.

The genomic revolution has just begun.

Bio: An entrepreneur and life-long genealogy enthusiast, Bennett Greenspan founded Family Tree DNA in 2000, the first company in the world to develop DNA testing for ancestry and genealogical purposes as a commercial application. Prior to the company’s initiative, these tests were only available for academic and research purposes. Because of this innovation, the National Geographic Society and its partner, IBM, selected FTDNA to provide the testing and manage all public participation in the Genographic Project, and National Geographic renewed that commitment by making FTDNA the processing lab for the landmark Geno 2.0 Project.

Mr. Greenspan’s business and entrepreneur experience spans photo-imaging/industrial photography and commercial real estate. In a prior career he oversaw the conversion of a company sales force from analog to digital data capture.


Computational Science and Engineering

Center for High Performance Computing

Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Genomics


NOTE:   Bennett Greenspan is speaking at the Breman Museum on Sunday, April 28th at 2 pm.  His topic will be "Using DNA to settle family disputes, connect to long-lost relatives and to garner an appreciation for where your ancestors came from and where they journeyed since our departure from Africa."

For more information: http://www.thebreman.org/events-n-programs/calendar.html

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  • Monday, April 29, 2013
    11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Location: AUDITORIUM, Technology Square Research Building

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