Georgia Digital Day at the Gold Dome

Georgia Digital Day at the Gold Dome March 21

Free and open to the public with reception starting at noon. Gov. Nathan Deal speaking at 1:30 pm. at the North Rotunda. 

More likely than not, you’re reading this event announcement on a digital device.

The world is increasingly digitally driven, with so many significant changes in the last twenty years that it is now described as the Digital Revolution. But how much do you know about this incredible social and economic phenomenon, and how it has been cultivated here in the state of Georgia?

On March 21 at the Georgia State Capitol some of Georgia’s leading innovators in the digital arena will be on hand to demonstrate new technologies and display their cutting edge products.

Come and meet researchers and students from Georgia Tech, SCAD, GSU and other institutions to learn about new exciting innovations in education and research. Interact with the people whose motion capture technologies appeared in such movies as Avatar and Lord of the Rings; chat with trans‐media storytellers whose work across all media has grossed over $4 Billion dollars; come and meet world‐renowned game designers, app developers and even a Georgia‐based company whose weapons training systems help train the world’s Special Forces!

The world is changing, and we are driving that change. You're invited to meet some of Georgia’s leading digital innovators to learn about the incredible economic impact this will have on the State of Georgia.

 Digital Growth By the Numbers:

 The top five entertainment products of all time are video games, with Blizzard’s World of Warcraft grossing over $10 Billion.

 Georgia was the first state to formally incentivize the digital industry.

 Wages for employees in videogame production are 99.6% higher than the average salary in Georgia.

 More than 20 Georgia colleges and universities offer game development and related degrees, including such diverse schools as Georgia Tech, Georgia Southern, SCAD, Columbus State and more.

 Ten years ago there were virtually no Digital Media and Videogame companies in

Georgia. Now, thanks to the Videogame Tax Credit we are home to more than 75

game companies.

 From 2005‐2009 the videogame industry’s real rate of growth was more than seven times the real rate of growth for the entire economy.


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  • Thursday, March 21, 2013
    12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Location: Atlanta, GA

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