Prof. Petr Cigler, Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

Prof. Petr Cigler, Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

Fluorescent nanodiamonds in the hands of chemists

Special Seminar

 Fluorescence from NV-centers embedded in the diamond lattice is extremely photostable and finds many applications in optical microscopy, intracellular particle tracking, high-resolution magnetometry, and bioimaging. By decreasing the size of bulk diamond crystals to nanodimensions, many chemical features of the material, as well as the fluorescence properties, change. In the talk, selected problems connected with surface modification of nanosized diamond crystals, attachment of chemical sensing architectures to them and their colloidal stability will be addressed. Fluorescent nanodiamonds modified by proper functional structures will be shown as unique unbleachable nanoprobes for construction of future sensors useful in biological and medicinal applications.

For more information contact Prof. M. G. Finn (404-385-6049).

Event Details


  • Wednesday, March 27, 2013
    4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Location: MoSE 3201A

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Shirley Tomes (404-894-0591)