Announcing New Study Abroad Program with University of Limerick

The Department of Mechanical, Aeronautical and Biomedical Engineering which has had ongoing student exchange activity with Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) is delighted to announce an expansion of the partnership. Georgia  Tech, one of the leading engineering schools in the USA and which has the 2nd leading Aerospace Engineering  (AE) programme in the US will begin a Semester Abroad Programme for its Senior AE  students at the University of Limerick in May 2013. This programme will be led and delivered by GT faculty Professor Lakshmi Sankar and Professor Dewey  Hodges and the GT students will be joined on the programme by UL students of Aeronautical Engineering and Composite Materials.


The following modules will be on offer to the participants

  1. Undergraduate Research - 56470 - AE 4699
  2. Wind Engineering - 56469 - AE 4701 -
  3. Aeroelasticity - 56464 - AE 4220 -
  4. AE Vehicle Performance - 56456 - AE 3310 -
  5. AE Structural Analysis - 56463 - AE 3125 -
  6. High Speed Aerodynamics - 56457 - AE 3021 - 

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