OSP RCR Webinar: Publication and Authorship (in-person version)


The GT RCR Compliance Policy requires students and postdocs performing research on RCR-flagged projects to complete RCR training.  Applicable NSF-funded trainees must complete at least 4 hours of in-person RCR training; the requirement is at least 8 hours of in-person RCR training for applicable NIH-funded trainees.  This training is a condition of the award and is a GT deliverable.

This webinar on Publication and Authorship, led by Dr. Milos Prvulovic, satisfies one hour of the requirement.  The students/trainees must accumulate the remaining in-person training hours through other institutional approved means as specified by the GT RCR Compliance Policy 

Click here to register for the in-person version of the webinar to be held in the Seminar Room of the Research Administration Bldg.  (An online version is also available.)

For more information, contact Judy Willis (judy.willis@gatech.edu) or Jason Borenstein (borenstein@gatech.edu) or see the GT RCR website.

Event Details


  • Friday, April 26, 2013
    1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Location: GTRC/OSP Seminar Room, Research Administration Bldg

For More Information Contact

Judy Willis

Administrator, Graduate Research Ethics Programs