This I Believe at Georgia Tech

Apr 29, 2013 | Atlanta, GA

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  • Malavika Shetty

  • Jennifer Lux

  • Jason Ellis

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Every year, the "This We Believe at Georgia Tech" project is carried out through a successful partnership between the Office of Undergraduate Studies and the Writing and Communication Program. The Writing and Communication Program fosters a culture of communication excellence across our campus. (See for a more detailed description of Georgia Tech's This We Believe project.)

Some students enter the contest on their own while others write essays as part of their English class. The 2013 contest winners all wrote their essays under the guidance of their English instructors. Tthe top five entries wereinvited to read their essays at the This I Believe event:

  • Rishabh Ananthan, "I Believe in Stories" * (Instructor, Dr. Malavika Shetty)
  • Iyed Bouchamaoui, "I Believe Setbacks Make You Stronger" * (Instructor, Dr. Jennifer Lux)
  • Meaghan Desilets, "I Believe in Patterned Leggings" * (Instructor, Dr. Jason Ellis)
  • Kedar Rao, "I Believe That Music Has a Soul" (Instructor, Dr. Malavika Shetty)
  • Akeafa Momen, "I Believe in Laughing" (Instructor, Dr. Malavika Shetty)

The following students will have their essays published on the website for This We Believe at Georgia Tech:

  • Matt Shaughnessy, "I Believe in the Power of Chocolate" (Instructor, Dr. Malavika Shetty)
  • Alex Kuzmich, "I Believe in Streams Full of Stars" (Instructor, Dr. Jennifer Lux)
  • Amal Punnoose, "I Believe in Words" (Instructor, Dr. Malavika Shetty)
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