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Insights from Edison Electric Institute: “Disruptive Challenges: Financial Implications and Strategic Responses to a Changing Retail Electric Business”

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  • Wednesday, January 29, 2014 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm
Location: Hodges Room, Centergy Building
Fee(s): none

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Ben Hill
Venture Lab

According to a number of industry analysts, the traditional utility business model of revenues based on the sale of power produced is in transition. Technological and economic changes led by falling costs and deployment of distributed generation, e.g., photovoltaics, and increasing interest in demand side management technologies for improved efficiency are factors that could lead to changes in the electric utility industry comparable to those experienced by the telecommunications industry beginning in the late-1970s.

On January 29, plan to join an interactive discussion with the author of the insightful Edison Electric Institute report and a technology analyst with the Electric Power Research Institute on the implications of disruptive technologies on utility business models.

Speakers include:

  • Peter Kind, Executive Director, Energy Infrastructure Advocates and Senior Advisor, Macquarie Capital — author of the Edison Electric Institute report “Disruptive Challenges: Financial Implications and Strategic Responses to a Changing Retail Electric Business,” Peter has over 30 years of investment banking experience, with a specialization in utility and power sector corporate finance. He holds a MBA in Finance from New York University and a BBA in Accounting from Iona College. 
  • Ronald Schoff, Program Manager, Technology Innovation, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) —  Ron’s responsibilities include managing and conducting evaluations of advanced power generation technologies, including Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) with carbon capture and storage (CCS), ultrasupercritical pulverized coal (USCPC), natural gas-fired combined cycles (NGCC), and power cycles incorporating carbon dioxide capture and sequestration (CCS). Ron has a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and a MS in Chemical Engineering from Villanova University. He is a senior member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.
  • John Higley, Managing Partner, Energy and Environment Enterprises, former Managing Partner and Global Energy & Utilities Partner, Deloitte Consulting — Energy and Environmental Enterprises provides advisory services to corporations and utilities for energy supply management, renewable resource evaluation and integration, and resource optimization. Prior to his current firm, John was the Managing Partner for Deloitte’s Global Energy and Utilities Practice, which engaged in strategic analysis, mergers and acquisitions and systems integration and deployment. John is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology with a BS in Industrial Engineering.

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