Tennenbaum Institute to Collaborate with Lockheed Martin

The Tennenbaum Institute (TI) at Georgia Tech is conducting a 2.5-year-long research project with Lockheed Martin Aerospace to prepare for the production of the new F-35 Lightning II.

The Georgia Tech team, led by Leon McGinnis (Director of Research at TI and Gwaltney Professor of Manufacturing Systems in the Stewart School of ISyE) and by William Kessler (Director of Executive Programs at TI and Professor of the Practice of ISyE), includes investigators from the Stewart School of ISyE, the DuPree College of Management, the Georgia Tech Research Institute, Georgia State University, and the University of Texas-Austin. Working closely with Lockheed Martin Aerospace, the team will develop methods and tools to identify, analyze, and mitigate the risks associated with transitioning to a new business model for global sourcing of parts to support both production and operation of the Joint Strike Fighter.

The team has previously worked with Lockheed Martin Aerospace on a four-month study to develop an R&D roadmap for the Joint Strike Fighter Global Delivery System.


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  • Leon McGinnis, Ph.D.

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