Georgia Tech Auto Show

Georgia Tech graduates and professors have made a significant impact on the field of transportation design and engineering. The Georgia Tech Auto Show seeks to promote the public's knowledge of this contribution through the guest speakers and the vehicles on display at the show.

Who and What:
Motor vehicles of all types owned by students, former students, faculty, staff, alumni, fans, and corporate sponsors of Georgia Tech will be on display.

Classic antique cars, late model modified cars, 4×4 off road trucks, hot rods, cars modified with alternative power delivery (electric, fuel cell), daily-driven transportation, kit cars, race cars, concept cars, prototype cars, and all kinds of motorcycles are all encouraged to participate.

Automobiles ranging from extremely rare classics in show condition to unfinished student-budget projects are welcome and appreciated.

If the owner takes pride in the vehicle, it has a place in this show.

Event Details


  • Saturday, April 3, 2010
    11:00 am
Location: Ferst Drive
Fee(s): Free

For More Information Contact

Sterling Skinner