Founding of Atlanta's first Planners Network chapter

A group of students in the School of City Planning has been engaged in social justice planning issues for the last several years. This effort has evolved into a need for a broader network of residents, practitioners, and advocates who advance issues related to planning and social justice that can connect with others pushing these issues across the country. The founding of Atlanta's (and the entire Southeast's) first Planners Network chapter responds to such a need.

The Planners Network is a nationally recognized and renowned organization that provides a voice for progressive professionals and activists concerned with urban planning and social justice. The need for an Atlanta chapter is clear. Atlanta has a long history of struggle--with both major injustices and hard-fought victories around issues of equitable development, affordable housing, quality public services and infrastructure, and public participation in the decisions that shape our neighborhoods and city. There are many informal and formal networks that have carried this work forward. The Planner's Network is another opportunity to knit together a wide range of people - neighborhood leaders, Grady nurses, city planners, MARTA riders, students, and housing advocates - that can share information, collaborate on activities, and frame issues through a progressive planning lens.

If you have any questions or would like to be a part of the establishment of a local chapter of the Planner's Network, please visit the Planners Network website or e-mail Zachary Adriaenssens.

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