Nanotechnology, Security, and US-EU Approaches to Governance Workshop

As part of the GT European Union Center of Excellence's initiative focusing on understanding the national meanings, organization, and strategic implications surrounding the development and fielding of nanotechnology, the recent workshop on "Nanotechnology, Security, and US-EU Approaches to Governance" took place in Atlanta on April 7th and 8th.

Led by Sam Nunn School of International Affairs Assistant Professor Margaret E. Kosal, the workshop explored differences, similarities, and challenges of trans-Atlantic approaches to regulating and governing nanotechnology, including bionanotechnology and the application of nano-scale materials and techniques to biotechnology. The workshop brought together scholars from the EU, from Canada, and from the US to consider governance frameworks, forecasting models, ethics, innovation policy, and the role of popular culture as it related to nanotechnology and security. The workshop also considered efforts to learning from the past successes, failures, and challenges to govern technologies, particularly biological/biotechnology and chemical technologies, for (potential) use in state-based weapons programs.

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