Improvisational Musicians Sought for GT Study

Georgia Tech's Accessible Aquarium Research Project is interested in making zoos and aquariums more accessible and engaging for all visitors. In this study we are asking musicians to watch dynamic aquarium exhibits and translate animal movements into music using various musical instruments. The results from this study will be used to inform the design of a system that translates animal movement into sound in real time, potentially providing a way for people who cannot see the exhibit to experience it through sound.

Volunteers will be asked to participate in lab activities (at Georgia Tech) and live exhibit studies (at the Georgia Aquarium) -- approximately 4 hours of time total.  Participants will wear a portable eye tracking system during their musical interpretations of the animal movements. They will also discuss what they see and their interpretations with investigators.
Musicians volunteering for this project must provide their own instrument, be good at musical improvisation, and be 18 or over. They cannot have a vision impairment that will impact their ability to see the full aquarium display.  They also cannot wear prescription eyeglasses (due to interference with the eye tracking system), however, contact use is acceptable.  The musicians must also be comfortable speaking English, as they will have to talk during portions of the research study.

Musicians will be compensated $25 per hour for their time while participating in this study at Georgia Tech and at the Georgia Aquarium. Additionally, a flat rate of $25 per session (day of study) will be provided for travel and parking expenses. If for any reason they choose to leave before completing the study, they will be compensated for the $25 travel and parking rate as well as the $25 per hour spent. If the time spent is less than an hour, they will still be compensated for an hour of time.

Exclusion/Inclusion Criteria
We will be requesting participation from musicians who are able to improvise and comfortably play their musical instrument without needing to look at it. This is due to the fact that part of our task involves playing the instrument while looking at a live exhibit or video of an exhibit. You will need to speak English fluently and not rely on prescription eyeglasses for seeing (contact lenses are acceptable). You will also need to bring your own instrument to play and be at least 18 years of age.

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