IAC Honors Faculty and Staff

IAC awards presented for faculty research and staff for performance Achievements

The Office of the Dean recognized Ivan Allen College faculty and staff through newly established awards that were presented at a college-wide meeting April 26th.

Dean Jacqueline J. Royster said, “The work being done by our faculty and staff is truly remarkable and places this College and Georgia Tech at the leading edge of 21st century liberal arts education and research agendas.  These awards celebrate the innovation and enterprise of our faculty and staff and, I hope, serve as a nod of encouragement for the future.”

Gold Star Research Awards were presented to twenty faculty members (see list below).  Four awards recognized faculty who have received prestigious national awards in the past year; 16 awards were presented to faculty who have secured major sponsor funding during the past year -  grants ranging from $100,000 to more than $800,000.

“Our success in sponsored research may be modest relative to those in engineering, but Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts is a pacesetter nationally among our peers in the humanities and social sciences,” said Dean Royster.  With National Science Foundation grants, for example, only Cal Tech and MIT garner more support in these disciplines than Ivan Allen College. In research expenditures per faculty member, Ivan Allen College ranks 34% higher than the national average for the social sciences and 846% higher for the humanities. 

“These comparators demonstrate that we are a research leader in the liberal arts arena,” said Dean Royster.  “Such achievements are amplified by the success of our faculty in receiving prestigious national awards.  I am thrilled to offer these Gold Star Research Awards for these path breaking achievements.”

College staff members (see list below) were recognized through the new “Buzz Awards” which carry a $1000 check for each recipient.  Ten Buzz Awards were presented recognizing extraordinary professional contributions and service by staff in advancing the mission of the College and Georgia Tech.  Awards were given in the categories of Administrative Services and Student Services.  Recipients were selected from college-wide nominations submitted to a committee headed by Judy Collier, Administrative Assistant to the Dean.  The committee chose eight recipients, and two additional recipients were chosen by Dean Royster. 

2010-2011 Faculty Gold Star Research Awards Recipients

For Prestigious National Awards:

Mikulas Fabry (INTA) – Woodrow Wilson Center Fellowship (2011/12)

Hanchao Lu – (HTS) - 2010 Honor for Academic Excellence by the Association of Chinese Historians in the United States, an affiliate of the American Historical Association (AHA)

Nancy Nersessian (SPP) - inaugural Patrick Suppes Prize in Philosophy of Science presented by the American Philosophical Society (APS).

Jonathan Schneer (HTS) - Jewish Book Council’s 2010 National Jewish Book Award


For Sponsored Research:

Paul Baker (PubPol) - more than $100k

Ian Bogost (LCC) - nearly $400k

Jay Bolter (LCC) - more than $200k

Dan Breznitz (INTA/PubPol) - more than $700k

Marilyn Brown (PubPol) - nearly $600k

Carl DiSalvo (LCC) - nearly $300k

Ute Fischer (LCC) - more than $100k

Mary Frank Fox (PubPol) - $300k

Stuart Goldberg (ModLangs) - nearly $200k

Michael Hoffmann (PubPol) - more than $100k

Gordon Kingsley (PubPol) - more than $100k

Brian Magerko (LCC) - more than $100k

Phillip McKnight (ModLangs) - more than $400k

Julia Melkers (PubPol) - more than $800k

Celia Pearce (LCC) - more than $100k

Philip Shapira (PubPol) - more than $400k

2010-2011 Staff “Buzz Award” Recipients

For Administration:

Ed Able (ModLangs)
Greg Abrams (Dean's Office)
Kenya Devalia (LCC)
Chris Fehrenbach (Dean's Office)
Jyldyz Hughes (ECON)
Karen Jett (PubPol)
Wanda Moore (INTA)
Kari White (ECON)

For Student Administration:

LaDonna Bowen (HTS)
Stephanie Jackson (INTA)


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