Interested in the subject of Nuclear Nonproliferation?

Students interested in the subject of nuclear nonproliferation will benefit greatly from taking a Special Topics course on nuclear safeguards that is offered by the Department of Nuclear and Radiological Engineering. The course is taught by Professor Nolan Hertel. It educates students about the methods and approaches that are used to keep nuclear material from being diverted to military uses.

The Nuclear Safeguards Class blends history, science, technology and policy and presents it to students of a broad range of educational backgrounds. All are welcome and all will be challenged by the diverse content of this course. It leads the student through the history of the nuclear era and the recognition of the need for an international commitment to nonproliferation. It then moves into the technical application of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT), describing how nuclear facilities are safeguarded by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and what must technically be considered when designing a safeguard agreement or inspection. The class closes with a week-long visit to the Safeguards Laboratory at Oak Ridge National Laboratory where students get the opportunity to perform a series of measurements using the same devices used in real world inspections.

This course is a unique educational opportunity, and is invaluable for those seeking careers in the field of international security. Those interested in talking to International Affairs students who have taken the course may contact Bernard Gourley at to be put in contact with such individuals.


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  • Special Topics Course on Nuclear Safeguards

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