Innovation Ecosystem

Several groups of students working on creative projects in a lab and collaborating with one another

Innovation Ecosystem

Supporting Innovative Ideas and Entrepreneurship

Georgia Tech plays a major role in the large network of established companies, startups, universities, and public and private organizations that work together to spur innovation, develop new technologies, and expand job opportunities.

Innovation Ecosystem

The main hub of the innovation ecosystem is Technology Square in Midtown, Atlanta. It's here that many of Georgia Tech's collaborative partners tap into the Institute's expertise, students, faculty, and researchers to transfer ideas and technology from labs to the marketplace; top-ranking incubation and accelerator programs attract entrepreneurs and startups; and academic programs instill entrepreneurial confidence in students and learners of all types.


Tech Square

Technology Square

A magnet for startups, incubators, established companies, major corporations, venture capitalists, and business services.

Industry and government collaborators

Collaborative Partners

An extensive support system for driving R&D innovation and business growth, led by proven experts and problem-solvers.

faculty and researchers

Faculty and Researchers

Georgia Tech experts focused on creating the next idea, the next technology, and the next game changer.

entrepreneurs and startups

Entrepreneurs and Startups

Strategies, support, and resources for startups and those who want to connect with them.

student innovation

Students and Learners

Entrepreneurial-focused education, competitions, and real-world experiences for students of all stages.

Understanding the Innovation Ecosystem at Georgia Tech.