Innovation Ecosystem: Beyond Tech Square


Tech Square

The combination of Tech Square, Midtown, and the larger Georgia Tech campus is a deliberate concentration of elements. But while Tech Square has become the physical symbol of the innovation ecosystem, there are several key entities beyond its borders that fuel this potent ecosystem.
Georgia Tech fountain
Georgia Tech Main Campus

Tech's campus maker culture blends collaborative workspaces, innovation and design clubs, startup incubators, workshops, and academic programs that instill the entrepreneurial spirit in all Tech students.

Georgia Manufacturing Extension Partnership
Regional Offices

Enterprise Innovation Institute (EI2) serves Georgia through a network of regional offices, including the Georgia Manufacturing Extension Partnershipwhich positions representatives throughout the state; and the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) has five incubators throughout Georgia, from Atlanta to Savannah.

Georgia Tech Lorraine
International Campuses

Georgia Tech has research and education platforms in China, Ireland, Costa Rica, and Singapore. Our biggest global footprint is at Georgia Tech-Lorraine in France, where multinational companies partner with us on research, entrepreneurship, and business development.

Global Center for Medical Innovations
Global Center for Medical Innovation

The Global Center for Medical Innovation is a comprehensive medical device innovation center, and a partnership between Georgia Tech, Saint Joseph’s Translational Research Institute, Piedmont Healthcare, and the Georgia Research Alliance.

Technology Enterprise Park
Technology Enterprise Park

Located on the southwestern edge of the Tech campus, Technology Enterprise Park is an 11-acre complex of labs and high-tech spaces serving commercial biotech companies pushing new frontiers of life science.

Georgia Tech Research Institute
Georgia Tech Research Institute

Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) conducts research for a variety of disciplines, including national defense, homeland security, public health, education, mobile and wireless technologies, and economic development.