Request for Proposals

President Peterson released the Institute Strategic Plan “Designing The Future” in August 2010 and since that time, a broad range of activities have been undertaken to initially implement that plan and subsequently institutionalize initiatives undertaken as part of it. In partnership with the Institute’s Strategic Plan Advisory Group (SPAG), the Georgia Tech leadership is interested in soliciting new ideas from faculty, students and staff that will continue the implementation and institutionalization of the Institute’s Strategic Plan, serving as catalysts and linkages in the institute-wide strategic planning ecosystem. To this end, SPAG is soliciting new concept proposals from the Georgia Tech community for consideration. It is estimated that roughly $800K will be made available for awards in FY2015/2016.

Process and Timeline:
New ideas that can be selected as Pilots (<$25K), Projects ($25K – $500K), and Programs (>$500K) are now being solicited, using the process and timeline outlined in the SPAG Summary Report released in August 2014.

The process will occur over two stages:

  • Stage 1 – Concept Pre-Proposal Stage: Proposers should submit a brief synopsis (250 words or less) of the idea electronically by February 15, 2016, using the concept pre-proposal form. Proposers should provide sufficient information in the summary section to allow SPAG members to evaluate the concept in terms of contributions, resource implications, and alignment with the Institute Strategic Plan.
  • Stage 2 – Concept Proposal Stage: SPAG will review concept pre-proposals and send invitations to submit a concept proposal for selected initiatives by February 26, 2016. The deadline for submitting concept proposals is March 18, 2016. Proposers should provide sufficient information in the full proposal to allow SPAG members to evaluate the concept against the specific criteria noted below. In addition to more detailed information about the concept, proposers should: (a) Complete the commitment section of the form to indicate unit-level in kind and financial support for the concept, and (b) Provide an indication of what success metrics would be appropriate.

SPAG will review concept proposals and submit its recommendations for funding to the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) by April 19, 2016. New funds would be available beginning July 1, 2016.

Concept pre-proposals and concept proposals will be evaluated using the following criteria (Note that the proposal need not exhibit all criteria, but number of criteria met should scale with the requested investment level, as should the level of supporting details):

I. Contributions:

  • Do beneficiaries of the initiative extend beyond a single unit?
  • Does it involve multiple units on campus (i.e. cross-college, academic/non-academic, cross-department, etc.)?
  • Does it have buy-in (figuratively and possibly literally) from those key stakeholders on campus necessary for initiative’s success?
  • Does it have multiple participant input/involvement (i.e. faculty, staff, students, and alumni)?

II. Resources:

  • Does it have a clear plan for resource needs and allocation (budget)?
  • Is the investment likely to enable new fund-raising efforts (i.e. development, grants, etc.)?
  • Does it articulate a plan that recognizes that SPAG investments are limited to a finite number of years (clear articulation of the timeline for and progress towards “institutionalization”)?
  • Is it clear that no alternative mechanism exists for funding initiative (lies outside the scope of a single funding mechanism) but potential for return on investment (ROI) is high?

III. Alignment and Planning:

  • Does it help achieve one or more of Georgia Tech’s Strategic Plan goals, objectives, and associated outcomes?
  • Does it include a timeline for reaching key goals and metrics that can be measured over agreed upon time increments?
  • Does it have a clear and compelling communications plan?

Topics of Interest:
SPAG is interested in receiving proposals on any idea/concepts that contributes to the Institute Strategic Plan. Examples of these include:

  • Concepts that contribute to developing an entrepreneurial ecosystem that pervades everything that the Georgia Tech community does
  • Concepts that seek to develop new interdisciplinary initiatives and collaborations that connect academic and administrative functions and people
  • Concepts that contribute to long-term campus visioning and planning and the continued evolution of Georgia Tech as a truly global focused university
  • Concepts that better equip our students, faculty and staff to engage with the public
  • Concepts that ensure that the Georgia Tech community promotes and advances equity, diversity, and inclusion

SPAG Commitment:
SPAG has a strong focus to work with the Georgia Tech community to solve gaps in advancing the goals of the Institute and eliminate barriers to implementation. We are dedicated to performing timely reviews and seek to work directly with proposers to help support and facilitate the evolution of their ideas as part of the Georgia Tech strategic planning ecosystem. As such, proposers are encouraged to contact any of the SPAG members as they prepare their idea for submission.