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Top-ranked, tech-focused academics. A culture of entrepreneurship. Cutting-edge research. Awesome campus life.

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Take a virtual tour of Tech’s campus, where one of our students will show you around — or take you just where you want to go.


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Parents and families play an integral role in their student's success at Georgia Tech.


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Georgia Tech Alumni

Connecting our global network of alumni through special events, volunteer opportunities, alumni trips, and career assistance.

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Georgia Tech office of government and community relations

Government and Community Relations

Working with local, state, and federal governments to advance the Institute and our surrounding communities.


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Connecting companies with the research, experts, and resources to drive innovation and success.


Creating the Next: Research at Tech.

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Molten Storage and Thermophotovoltaics Offer New Solar Power Pathway

Thermophotovoltaic technology could directly convert heat from solar thermal to electricity.

Amazon Pickup Now Open in Tech Square

Amazon@GeorgiaTech provides a safe and secure location for Amazon customers to receive packages at their convenience.
Ongoing From:
25 - 26

Fall Transfer Two-Day FASET Orientation

(All day)
Georgia Tech Campus
FASET welcomes transfer students and guests to Georgia Tech.


Last Day of Classes for Full Summer 2016

(All day)
Georgia Tech Campus
Last Day of Classes for Full Summer 2016

Putting AI in The Matrix May Keep It from Doing the Same to Us

Mark Riedl

Mark Riedl

Assistant Professor
School of Interactive Computing, College of Computing
Director, Entertainment Intelligence Lab

Someday artificial intelligence (AI) might be too good and too smart for humans. The worry is that the first AI machine to surpass human intelligence might be impossible to shut down. That’s one reason...