Strengthening Defense

Missile being shot in the air

Strengthening Defense

Strengthening Defense

Protecting the Nation

The U.S. government has looked to Georgia Tech — in particular Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) — for decades as it seeks to find and develop effective, creative solutions that meet mission-critical military needs.


Danger in the Sky: Researchers Are Developing Better Air Defense Systems for U.S. Aircraft

Many of today's U.S. military aircraft entered service decades ago, and keeping them mission-ready can be a challenge.

Warren Lee, branch head for GTRI’s Unmanned Flight Operations, connects electronics in a Zephyr fixed-wing aircraft

Student Teams Compete in Service Academies Swarm Challenge – with GTRI Assistance

Researchers from the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) provided support to student teams competing in the DARPA Service Academies Swarm Challenge. The event was held in California in April 2017.

Missile Test
Missile Tests Without Firing a Shot

Georgia Tech’s expertise in real-time computing will allow the U.S. Missile Defense Agency to conduct dozens of missile tests in the time it used to take for a single run.

Working in lab
Streamlined Software Production and Updates

GTRI is producing reference software to help the U.S. Navy create avionics applications that can run on a variety of hardware with minimal modification

Fighter Jet firing missiles
Improved Threat Response Systems

GTRI’s work to automate electronic warfare systems on combat aircraft is keeping pilots safer while making their jobs more manageable.

Radar jamming plane
Advanced Radar Jamming Technology

Known as Angry Kitten, this GTRI project is developing adaptive and autonomous capabilities based on machine-learning algorithms and sophisticated hardware to enhance security for U.S. combat aircraft.