Project for Awesome Video Making

Join our Project for Awesome workshop to make videos for high-impact charities, in order to win money for them and introduce them to a wider audience! During Project for Awesome, a community-driven charitable event created by Hank and John Green, thousands of people create videos advocating for various charities. Then, people vote for their favorite videos during a 48-hour continuous live stream. Last year, the effective altruism community won about $190,000 split across 7 charities: The Against Malaria Foundation, The Good Food Institute, GiveDirectly, Clean Air Task Force, The Humane League, Givewell Maximum Impact Fund, and Wild Animal Initiative. Three of the EA community's videos were featured, and John gave a shoutout to EA.

During our workshop, you'll choose a charity, research it, record a short 1–3 minute video (can be low-effort or high-effort), and submit it to Project for Awesome! Last year, on average each of the EA community's videos moved $2.5K to high-impact charities, and the expected marginal value of an additional video might be around $1K. We think this event will be a lot of fun and will also make an impact!

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