Techlanta - Georgia’s Economic Development

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Techlanta - Georgia’s Economic Development


Described as “one of the most important commercial, financial, and transportation centers of the southeastern United States,” Atlanta can definitely take some credit for the vitality of Georgia’s economy.

By extension, Atlanta-based Georgia Tech — which was established in the 1800s in response to the need for education in industrial technology and engineering to advance Georgia from beyond its agrarian origins — has historically been a symbol of progress in Georgia.

Georgia's Economic Growth and Development

Statistics from the University System of Georgia’s most recent economic impact survey clearly bear out the Institute’s contribution to Georgia’s economic development: Georgia Tech’s annual impact on the state’s economy stands at $2.87 billion.

Reflected in this billion-dollar figure are thousands of on-campus jobs (with Georgia Tech being one of Atlanta’s largest employers), and more than 15,000 off-campus jobs made possible because of Georgia Tech-related spending.

Georgia Tech has also been instrumental in developing the state’s economy by attracting major corporations to Atlanta, helping Georgia communities expand and manage their expansion, commercializing research ideas, and assisting entrepreneurs in getting their businesses off the ground.

ATDC offers classes and resources to Georgia's startups.

Embracing Georgia Tech’s role as a national leader in promoting entrepreneurship and economic development, former President G.P. “Bud” Peterson said:

“Georgia Tech is committed to continue working with both large corporations and startups to grow the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Atlanta and throughout the Southeast.

By engaging the business community to maximize our collective strengths, we can attract and grow new companies, foster economic development, and retain talent in Georgia.”

Workforce Development

Georgia Tech’s workforce development hub, Georgia Tech Professional Education, plays a major role in educating the STEM workforce of the city and region.

Last year alone, more than 36,000 working professionals benefited from GTPE's 40 different professional development programs or 12 master's degree programs.

Professionals such as directors, managers, analysts, and specialists deepened their expertise and leadership capabilities or learned new skills in preparation for promotions or transitions to new jobs or careers.

GTPE also served more than 3,000 companies with custom professional development programs or by hosting their corporate training and meetings at the Global Learning Center.

These companies included Porsche, Lockheed Martin, Georgia Power, Bank of America - Georgia, Michelin North American, and UPS. Explore Georgia Tech Professional Education's offerings.


Entreprenuers discuss their projects at ATDC headquarters, which houses the Engage program.

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