An Education in Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship Education


An Education in Entrepreneurship

Students can explore entrepreneurism through Tech's academic programs, extracurricular activities, workshops, and communities. And those who have big ideas have multiple avenues to transform these ideas into startups.




CREATE-X Startup Lab

Students learn about the process of evidence-based entrepreneurship and how to systematically vet ideas and validate market need.


Customer Discovery Lab

A six-week startup lab for first-time or experienced entrepreneurs. Each week, hypotheses are made about the world, interviews are held, and results reported in a group setting in front of an expert instructor team.


Grand Challenges

A one-year program providing students with an opportunity to develop problem-solving, analytical, and critical thinking skills in order to find solutions to real-world problems.


GT 1000 “Startup” and “Research and Innovation” Classes

Introduces freshmen to startups, customer discovery, startup culture, and all the resources that Tech offers to startups.


GT 2803 “Your Idea, Your Invention" Class

An undergraduate course that helps students explore opportunities for invention and discovery.


Immersive Tracks in Leading Innovation

An optional MBA track that combines academic coursework with hands-on business projects, speakers, networking events, and industry panels.


Technology Commercialization (TI:GER® Program)

Builds market-ready skills for MBA students looking to develop their own venture as well as for those pursuing careers in product development, marketing, consulting, or corporate “intrapreneurship.”


Entrepreneurship Certificate for MBA Students

For MBA students to learn how to successfully start a new venture, participate in an entrepreneurial company, or manage an entrepreneurial unit of a larger corporation.


Engineering Entrepreneurship Certificate for Non-Business Students

For engineering students earning a graduate degree from one of Georgia Tech's degree-granting academic units.


All Others
ATDC Workshops and Classes

Ongoing workshops and classes — targeted to entrepreneurs — offered through the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) for a small membership fee.


Professional Education

Several courses, certificates, and online degrees focused on developing professionals to lead in innovation in the workplace.




CREATE-X Idea 2 Prototype

Students receive undergraduate research credit, mentorship support from faculty, guidance, seed funding, and university resources to build functional prototypes of their ideas.


Capstone Design

Students work in teams to design, build, and test prototypes with real-world applications.


Startup Competition

An annual contest where teams of Georgia Tech graduate students create compelling business models over a three-month period. The first-place team receives $10,000, and second- and third-place teams each receive $1,000.


Capstone Design Expo

Student teams showcase their prototypes and compete for cash prizes.


ACC InVenture Prize

A "Shark Tank"-style pitch competition where undergraduate teams representing each ACC university pitch their inventions or businesses in front of a live audience and panel of judges.


Georgia Tech InVenture Prize

An annual innovation competition for undergraduate Georgia Tech students. First-place finishers win $20,000, plus a free patent filing. The second place prize is $10,000, plus the patent filing.


Ideas 2 Serve

A competition for Georgia Tech students and recent alumni who have early-stage product/service ideas or venture concepts that are geared toward creating a better world.


Convergence Innovation Competition

A biannual competition that encourages students to create innovative and viable products and experiences, with the support of campus resources and industry guidance.




CREATE-X Startup Launch

An 12-week, intensive course to help students launch startups based on their ideas, inventions, and prototypes. Teams receive seed funding, legal assistance, and mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs.



An incubator that helps students and faculty create startup companies based on Georgia Tech research and ideas.