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Innovation Ecosystem - Students - Maker Spaces

Georgia Tech provides a big variety of spaces and resources just for imagining and creating.


Invention Studio

A design-build-play space open to any Georgia Tech student. It is for students — managed by students. Students from all majors are encouraged to experiment with the cutting-edge tools, machines, and printers.


Digital Fabrication Lab

A 12,500-square-foot design/build space for the fabrication and assembly of prototypes and mockups, ranging from human scale to building scale.   


Van Leer Interdisciplinary Design Commons

A 15,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art makerspace catering specifically to electronics and computer engineering design and innovation (the largest of its kind in the nation). Students of all majors can use the IDC's woodshop, 3D printers, laser cutters, plasma cutter, function generators, power supplies, soldering irons, computers, and embedded systems equipment.


GTRI Machine Shop

An active machine shop that can design, fabricate, repair, and modify parts or entire devices for research projects. It works on designs ranging from miniature gears used in heart medicine research to large-scale structural welding projects as tall as 35 feet.  


Startup Exchange

Startup Exchange is a student entrepreneurial community that inspires Georgia Tech students to create and develop their own ventures and supports them in doing so.


Makers Club

A student organization that provides resources to design and fabricate in a collaborative environment, including student-taught classes and events.


The Materials Innovation & Learning Laboratory

Established in Fall 2016, this make-and-measure space was created to give students the chance to learn more about the practical applications of materials science. Here, students can examine the characteristics and properties of the materials they are working with, by using high tech testing equipment. Students can also experiment with new and different types of materials by using the space's specialized 3d printers.


Aero Maker Space

Provides students, faculty and staff with access to, and training for, a vast array of rapid prototyping equipment.


BME Machine Shop

Provides students and faculty with high-tech mills, a lathe, drill press, 3D printers, and hand tools.


GVU Center Prototyping Lab

Provides researchers and students with industry standard equipment and collaboration to rapidly prototype new ideas.