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Innovation Ecosystem - Students - Join a Research Team

Research is the catalyst of innovation. It hones your ability to pose the right question; solve for the right answer; and distill messy, complex, and abstract thoughts into an elegant argument. Students are given many opportunities to participate in research across all disciplines.


How do I find research opportunities?
  1. Contact your school’s undergraduate coordinator to assist you in securing a research position. Find your undergraduate coordinator.
  2. Think about what you want to do and learn about research in your chosen field.
  3. Review faculty webpages to see who is doing research that you find exciting.
  4. Identify four or five faculty members whose research interests you.
  5. Follow steps 5-10 of our Guide to Getting Involved in Research.



Contact Your School's Undergraduate Coordinator.

We can guide and assist you in finding a research position.


Find your undergraduate coordinator



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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

These research programs represent an opportunity to share your research work with other students and faculty, learn about your field of study in an informal atmosphere, and gain valuable skills and experience in presenting your work.

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FireHUD Receives NSF Small Business Grant

The 2016 InVenture Prize winners will use the award to conduct research and development on a system to protect first responders.

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