Leveraging New Technologies

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Leveraging New Technologies

Leveraging New Technologies

Making the World a Safer Place

From breakthroughs in electronic defense to vehicle survivability to high-tech networking, our expertise is recognized worldwide as well as vital here at home. Many of our discoveries have public- and private-sector applications, improving not just our safety and security as a nation, but the quality of life for people the world over.

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New Research May Improve Communications During Natural Disasters

Storms like Hurricane Irma and other natural disasters bring with them lots of uncertainty: where will they go, how much damage will they cause. What is certain is that no matter where they strike, natural disasters knock out power.

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IMPAX Program Accelerates Technology Transition into the Navy

What if you had to wait eight years to get the great new cellphone technology your friends and neighbors were using today? That’s essentially the situation facing today’s warfighters, who must wait for long procurement cycles to bring them the latest technology.

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Autonomous Vehicle Development

Georgia Tech researchers are developing both commercial and defense-focused technologies to support autonomous vehicles (uavs) in the air, on the ground, and in the water.

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Seamless, Secure Information Sharing

The Information Exchange and Architecture Division of GTRI is addressing both the technical and security challenges that government agencies face in communicating with one another.

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Improved Radiation Detection

GTRI is developing novel materials and nanotechnology techniques to improve radioactive material detection at ports, border crossings, airports, and elsewhere.