Heightening Cybersecurity

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Heightening Cybersecurity

Heightening Cybersecurity


Staying Ahead of Cybercriminals

The rise of digital devices and technologies has dramatically increased online activities for individuals, businesses, and governments. Though this connectivity brings many benefits, it also creates a treasure-trove of data to plunder — along with new forms of foul play.

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The Long Arm of the Data

The Georgia Tech Research Institute supports adaptable, accessible information sharing for justice and other government agencies.

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“Combosquatting” Attack Hides in Plain Sight to Trick Computer Users

To guard against unknowingly visiting malicious websites, computer users have been taught to double-check website URLs before they click on a link. But attackers are now taking advantage of that practice to trick users into visiting website domains that contain familiar trademarks...

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White Hats, Black Hats, and Grey Matter: Tackling Cybersecurity

A secure internet and its applications are now essential to almost every aspect of our daily lives. Yet connected technology has opened the door for criminals and foreign governments to launch cyberattacks with increasing scale and impact.

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Preventing the “Click Up”

Georgia Tech’s Institute for Information Security and Privacy is helping researchers fast-track their discoveries into marketplace solutions to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.

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Countering Coffee Shop Hackers

Researchers in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering are studying electronic signals emitted by computers to help software and hardware engineers stop “side channel” security breaches.

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Early Warnings on Cyberattacks

BlackForest, an open source intelligence-gathering system developed at GTRI, is helping corporations, government agencies, and nonprofits battle threats to their IT networks.