Optimizing Health Systems

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Optimizing Health Systems

Optimizing Health Systems

Improving the Patient Experience

Through solutions-oriented research and novel education and outreach programs, we are transforming health care delivery, leading the revolution away from reactive, disease-focused systems to more pro-active, health- and wellness-focused systems.

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The Health Informatics Revolution

When your doctor diagnoses a condition and recommends a course of treatment, she relies on her extensive training, guidelines from professional medical organizations, and previous experience with thousands of other patients.

Dr. Wilbur Lam and his mentee Rob Mannino sitting in front of a laboratory to discuss Rob's research
Advancing Mobile Health

Rob Mannino used his own chronic, life-threatening blood disorder to develop a medical app that is poised to advance the field of mobile health technology.

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More Efficient Health Care Operations

Our systems engineers are developing workflow models and tools to reduce emergency room wait times while improving the overall level of care.

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Empowering Health Care Consumers

The Institute for People and Technology is developing tools and technologies to help people to control their own health to greater, more effective degrees.