Industrial Systems

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Industrial Systems

Industrial Systems


Manufacturing Solutions

Building Productive Industrial Systems

The main objective of analyzing and understanding industrial systems is decision support, especially where outcomes may be influenced by complicated and uncertain conditions. Georgia Tech’s industrial systems engineers help companies find innovative ways to inject more predictability and productivity into their processes to minimize complications and optimize performance.

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Georgia Manufacturing Extension Partnership launches outreach initiative for food processing manufacturers

Georgia is a one of the nation’s leading agriculture states, with the industry contributing about $74.9 billion to the state economy each year.

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Reducing Stressful Waits for Patients

To help Winship Cancer Institute reduce wait times for patients, a Tech team developed the Real-time Visibility Tool, a web-based app that care providers can use throughout the treatment process.

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Catalyzing a “Physical Internet”

An ISyE researcher is working with industry to catalyze a new, integrated approach to transporting, handling, and storing goods that will help companies worldwide achieve greater efficiency.

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Making Labor and Delivery Safer Worldwide

Using machine learning and 3-D scan technology, a Tech professor is field testing a prototype in Ethiopia to detect pregnancy complications at a cost that is much lower than comparable technology.