Optimizing Reliability

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Optimizing Reliability

Optimizing Reliability


Sustainable Energy

More Reliable and Cost-Effective Energy

There’s no silver bullet for sustainable energy production and distribution. Solar and wind power are certainly in the arsenal, but Georgia Tech researchers are also seeking and finding solutions from myriad lesser-known sources which, harvested and combined with more traditional alternatives, show great promise for meeting energy needs around the world and well into the future.

Electric power lines.
Building a Better Grid

With new renewable resources and growing concerns about energy security and climate change, several Tech research centers are helping power suppliers find innovative ways to provide power cleanly, safely, and reliably.

ambient energy sample.
Putting Power in Electronic Devices

Researchers have discovered how to scavenge ambient energy from radio and TV transmitters, cell phone networks, and more, providing a new way to power things like wireless sensors, microprocessors, and communications chips.

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Harvesting and Harnessing Energy

Tech researchers are working on dozens of unusual technologies that go beyond traditional energy sources to save, convert, and create energy to power everything from tiny sensors to homes.