Keeping Good Company

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Keeping Good Company

Keeping Good Company


Agile Minds and Visionary Leaders

Striving for Excellence in All We Do

When we lay claim to having the biggest, the best, or the brightest of something, that’s not just us talking. These superlatives are continually attached to the people and programs at Georgia Tech. We are the No. 27 university on the planet according to Times Higher Education; we’re ranked No. 1 in Annualized Return on Investment in Higher Education by; and 12 of our undergraduate programs are in the top 10.

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Georgia Tech Rankings

Georgia Tech ranks as one of the best public universities in the US.

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Attracting the Smartest Students

Business Insider ranks Georgia Tech #1 for “Smartest Public College in America."

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Earning While We Learn

Georgia Tech has the #1 ranked co-op program in the nation, and our location in Atlanta makes it easier for students to co-op while still participating in campus life.

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Educating Underrepresented Students

We are one of the top technology-focused universities in the nation for graduating women, Hispanics, and African-Americans, creating an inclusive environment that leads to more effective science and technology education, research, and development.