It’s a Small World

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It’s a Small World

It’s a Small World

Economic Impact

Leading in the Global Arena

Globalization means that opportunities are bigger, challenges are greater, and change comes faster. Georgia Tech has been laying an adventurous foundation for global leadership in education, research, and entrepreneurship so we can help shape this ever-changing world in ways that improve the human condition and create more economic stability and security.

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Smart Cities

Cities have been around for thousands of years, so urbanization is hardly a new phenomenon — but it’s happening now at an unprecedented pace.

Students looking at a globe.
Bringing the World to Campus

Tech’s degree programs, campus life, and entrepreneurship opportunities — not to mention its affordability — draw students from all over the world: Meet four of them.

Jasmine Burton.
Solving the World’s Problems

A Georgia Tech undergraduate launched a startup that could provide access to improved sanitation for billions of people in undeveloped countries around the world.

Georgia Tech Lorraine
Making a Global Footprint

Georgia Tech has research and education platforms in China, Ireland, Costa Rica, and Singapore, but our biggest global footprint is at Georgia Tech-Lorraine in France, where multinational companies partner with us on research and business development.

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Sustainable Water Infrastructure

A company founded by Georgia Tech students is pioneering a new model for water security within rural communities of developing countries.