Tech Square's History & Expansion

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Tech Square's

History & Expansion

The recent acquisition of the historic Biltmore and the development of the high-tech Coda building mark the second phase of Technology Square's expansion.

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Tech Square's History & Expansion

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Timeline of Growth

A history of events and milestones that transformed a once blighted area in Midtown, Atlanta, into a thriving ecosystem for high-tech innovators and entrepreneurs.

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New Innovation Centers

Top multinational corporations continue to invest in Midtown, Atlanta by establishing new new innovation centers or relocating their global headquarters to the rapidly growing innovation neighborhood.

The Biltmore Building

The Biltmore

The Georgia Tech Foundation recently acquired the historic Biltmore, which includes 290,000 square feet of retail space, event spaces, and offices. Located at the east end of Tech Square, the Biltmore is currently home to several engineering firms, startups, and energy companies.

Coda Building


Coda is an unprecedented collaborative building in Tech Square that will focus on high-performance computing and create new opportunities in interdisciplinary research, commercialization, and sustainability. Construction began on the transformational project in December 2016.