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Who says Atlanta’s job market is growing? The United States Department of Labor, for one.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Atlanta’s rate of employment growth is above the national average, with Technology being ranked as one of its fastest-growing employment sectors by U.S. News & World Report. 

The fact that Atlanta’s tech scene is booming is good news not only for the more than 6,000 Georgia Tech graduates who enter the market each year, but for the businesses who hire them. 

“We hire hundreds of Georgia Tech engineers,” says Delta Air Lines Chief Operating Officer, Gil West. “Georgia Tech students, faculty, and alumni are key to Delta’s success.” 

NCR is headquartered in Tech Square and also employs hundreds of Georgia Tech and University System of Georgia graduates.

“Georgia Tech is one of the top universities when it comes to preparing its students to succeed in the technology sector,” says NCR Chief Executive Officer, Bill Nuti. “Tech graduates are going to play a vital role in enabling NCR to build on our industry-leading position.”

“Tech graduates are going to play a vital role in enabling NCR to build on our industry-leading position.”

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Chief Executive Officer, NCR

Perspectives like West’s and Nuti are why the job opportunities for Georgia Tech students in and around Atlanta are plentiful, which is why students who study here, stay here.

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Sarah Banks is a Scheller College of Business alumna.

Sarah Banks is one such alumna.

She graduated from Georgia Tech’s Ernest Scheller Jr. College of Business in 2013.

Today, she works as a consultant at Capgemini, where she serves as a supply chain planning consultant focused on the company’s retail and consumer product division out of Atlanta.

In her time at Capgemini, Banks has gained experience working for clients in a variety of industries such as merchandising, retail, supply chain, and logistics, helping them optimize their program management operations by improving their processes and implementing effective technology solutions.

“I got the job that I'm in now due to connections I made at Tech.

There is a certain renown that the Georgia Tech name has that opens up so many doors that would otherwise be closed to young professionals,” says Banks.

“We, as Georgia Tech alumni, are held to a higher standard but given more opportunity. It is a great thing to be proud of!”  



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