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Georgia Tech has six distinguished colleges, which house more than 30 schools and degree programs. Although Georgia Tech students enroll in a particular college and focus on a specific discipline, their coursework, research, and projects will take them across disciplines – giving them the breadth of knowledge and scope of vision they need to begin solving the complex, interdisciplinary challenges of today and tomorrow.

College of Architecture

Male student giving architecture project presentation for critique.

The College of Architecture at Georgia Tech is recognized nationally and around the world for education and research in architecture and industrial design. Offering a global perspective, cross-disciplinary focus, cutting-edge faculty, and established industry relationships for internships and hands-on learning opportunities, the College of Architecture prepares students at all levels for success or advanced study in a range of fields.

College of Computing

Two students collaborate on digital media project.

Computing is a key driver of human progress around the world, and the College of Computing at Georgia Tech helps students not only develop the expertise, but cultivate the vision they need to tackle important societal problems. Through customizable and experiential academics; research, co-op, and internship opportunities; and an entrepreneurial emphasis, College of Computing students become the kind of well rounded, critically thinking professionals that today’s global job market and graduate schools demand.

College of Engineering

Georgia Tech College of Engineering

The College of Engineering at Georgia Tech ranks among the nation’s top five engineering schools. Our students work with renowned faculty, industry partners, and co-op and internship employers on meaningful projects with real human impact, and our programs prepare them to “hit the ground running” in engineering or pursue further study in areas such as medicine, law, business, and public policy. Broadly knowledgeable, globally competent, and entrepreneurial, our graduates set the standard for engineering excellence.

College of Sciences

Female student wearing gloves in lab inspects petri dish contents.

The College of Sciences at Georgia Tech prepares students to make discoveries and create solutions to the complex and varied challenges facing humankind. Our internationally recognized faculty researchers not only break down, but transcend the walls between classrooms, labs, and the outside world, and our hands-on curriculum, combined with state-of-the-art resources and low faculty/student ratio, ensure that students receive excellent preparation for advanced study and rewarding careers in a wide range of math and science disciplines.

Ernest Scheller Jr. College of Business

Students in suits network in atrium of the College of Management building.

The Scheller College of Business at Georgia Tech gives students a solid foundation in business education while also grounding them in the high-tech savvy they will need to thrive in today’s economy. With advantages such as an accessible and engaging faculty, a million-dollar trading floor and other exceptional facilities, and a location that offers plentiful internship and co-op opportunities, Scheller prepares students at all levels for leadership, entrepreneurship, and impact in the world of business and industry.

Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts

Three students collaborate on a project around a laptop.

The Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts at Georgia Tech enables students to blend vitally useful knowledge in science and technology with the broad contextual understanding that can only come from the humanities and social sciences. Our students join an entrepreneurial and inquiry-driven community and build a distinctive academic resume through internships, study/work abroad, and research. This comprehensive approach prepares them to think and work across multiple realms for a distinct advantage in their graduate study or career pursuits.

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