Marathon Martian: Rovers go the distance to explore ‘fertile’ Mars

James Wray

James Wray

Assistant Professor
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, College of Sciences

NASA has released new findings from the Mars rover Curiosity about nitrogen on the planet. Assistant Professor James Wray, a co-author on the paper, is a member of Curiosity SAM (Sample Analysis at Mars) instrument...

HAWC captures evidence of powerful cosmic visitors

In the shadow of Mexico’s tallest mountain, an array of 300 water-filled silver tanks is capturing the calling cards left by powerful visitors from our galaxy and beyond.

Snake robots learn to turn by following the lead of real sidewinders

Researchers who develop snake-like robots have picked up a few tricks from real sidewinder rattlesnakes on how to make rapid and even sharp turns with their undulating, modular device.

A personal meeting with President Obama

Three Tech students joined the President for a private discussion about college affordability.

Culture Fest 2015: International Food Fest

Tech Walkway South
Experience different cultures through food prepared by GT cultural/diversity student organizations!


Culture Fest 2015: Language Cafe

12:00pm to 2:00pm
Tech Walkway West
Learn about many cultures and languages represented by students of GT's English Language Institute.

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