Smoke from Wildfires Can Have Lasting Climate Impact

Researchers have found that carbon particles released into the air from burning trees and other organic matter are much more likely than previously thought to travel to the upper levels of the atmosphere, where they can interfere with rays from the sun.

Combination of Features Produces New Android Vulnerability

A new vulnerability affecting Android mobile devices results not from a traditional bug, but from the malicious combination of two legitimate permissions that power desirable and commonly-used features in popular apps.

Atlanta United vs. New York City FC

Bobby Dodd Stadium at Historic Grant Field
Atlanta United FC will host a match at Bobby Dodd Stadium against New York FC


Atlanta Dream vs. Los Angeles Sparks

McCamish Pavilion
The Atlanta Dream hosts the Los Angeles Sparks at McCamish Pavilion

Georgia Tech launches $1 million retail technology initiative at ATDC

Gift will fully fund the retail technology startup initiative through 2022.

Can Energy Ever be Truly Green?

Jennifer Glass

Jennifer Glass

Assistant Professor
British researchers recently discovered that Tropic Seamount, an extinct seafloor volcano near the Canary Islands, contains massive concentrations of tellurium, an extremely scarce element which is a key component of high...

The Two Key Questions of Trump's Tax Proposal

Christine Ries

Christine Ries

Tax programs can be used to raise revenue for the government, redistribute income or encourage economic growth. The plan just released by the president’s economic team is designed to promote growth, growth and growth.  They project the new plan will enable the economy to reach a growth rate of...

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