Before Animals, Evolution Waited Eons to Inhale

Animal evolution may have sputtered in sparse, uneven ocean oxygen. New model offers insights for probability of complex life on exoplanets.

Atlanta Gives U.S. Divers Big Send-Off to Rio

Big crowds turned out July 20-23 for the USA Diving send-off hosted at the McAuley Aquatic Center on the Georgia Tech campus.

Last Day of Classes for Full Summer 2016

(All day)
Georgia Tech Campus
Last Day of Classes for Full Summer 2016

Ongoing From:
25 - 26

Fall Transfer Two-Day FASET Orientation

(All day)
Georgia Tech Campus
FASET welcomes transfer students and guests to Georgia Tech.

Georgia Institute of Technology selects Jennifer Bonnett to head the Advanced Technology Development Center

Bonnett, a seasoned technology sector veteran, will shape the vision for the future of Georgia’s statewide technology startup incubator.

Putting AI in The Matrix May Keep It from Doing the Same to Us

Mark Riedl

Mark Riedl

Assistant Professor
School of Interactive Computing, College of Computing
Director, Entertainment Intelligence Lab

Someday artificial intelligence (AI) might be too good and too smart for humans. The worry is that the first AI machine to surpass human intelligence might be impossible to shut down. That’s one reason...

Protecting Power Grids from Cyberattacks

A.P. "Sakis" Meliopoulos

A.P. "Sakis" Meliopoulos

Georgia Power Distinguished Professor in the School of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Associate director of cyber-physical systems for the Institute for Information Security & Privacy 
Cyberattacks against America’s energy infrastructure put public safety and national defense at risk. In response, a proposal before the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources suggests a “retro approach” to de-computerize the electrical grid. A.P. “Sakis” Meliopoulos...

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