Georgia Tech's Doctor of Philosophy with a major in Ocean Science and Engineering is an interdisciplinary graduate program that combines the basic and applied sciences with innovative ocean technologies.

Students in the Ocean Science and Engineering Ph.D. program will develop broadly relevant quantitative, computational, and laboratory skill-sets to address problems ranging from ocean energy; ocean and climate change; ocean prediction systems; coastal ocean hazards; ocean observing technology; marine ecosystem dynamics and services; marine chemical ecology; and global and regional ocean biogeochemistry.

Why Ocean Science and Engineering?

The world's population growth and technology developments are changing our planet to an unprecedented extent. This applies especially to the ocean — the largest environmental resource on Earth.

Through recent decades, we have recognized that chemical, biological, and physical processes in the marine environment greatly influence each other and cannot be viewed in isolation.

Additionally, the interpretation of scientific data and the development of effective solutions requires a more integrated approach.

Why Georgia Tech?

Georgia Tech is one of a very few institutions with the engineering and scientific prowess and interdisciplinary culture to effectively address these critical challenges of sustainability that threaten all of us.

The OSE program involves the schools of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences; Civil and Environmental Engineering; and Biological Sciences. Faculty provide distinct and complementary expertise, both in terms of coursework and research specialization. 

Additional program faculty include members of the schools of Mechanical Engineering; Aerospace Engineering; and Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Learn more about the doctoral in Ocean Science and Engineering.

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