In the event of forecasted or ongoing hazardous weather conditions that make travel and outdoor activity dangerous, the Institute may enact the Modified Operations Policy to reduce on-campus activity. Further, when applicable and where possible, the Provost may initiate the Digital Learning Days Policy to shift classroom instruction to virtual formats. The Institute will communicate the decision to modify operations and/or shift to digital learning via the Georgia Tech Emergency Notification System (GTENS), the Georgia Tech homepage, official Institute social media and other channels of communication.

Modified Operations

Situations, including hazardous weather, may necessitate the use of modified operations, giving campus administrators discretion to alter their on-site operations. Institute units may change hours of operation, shift to remote work, or suspend certain operations based upon the nature of the interruption. Unit leaders are responsible for communicating to their employees about how they will modify operations, expectations for staff, and if any essential employees are required to work on campus during modified operations. Units are also responsible for communicating to their stakeholders any changes to their operations, including modifications to services offered, business hours, and any other anticipated impacts to business operations. In particular, units that provide essential services to resident students must make preparations to continue such essential services.

Digital Learning Days

The Provost may declare the use of digital learning days in order to shift classes to virtual formats. During digital learning days, instructors may choose to hold their classes virtually or cancel them unless otherwise directed by school or college leadership. No class should meet in person during digital learning days. Instructors are responsible for communicating with their students on whether their classes will shift to virtual formats or be cancelled. Students should expect classes to continue virtually and await communications from their instructors. Students will not incur penalty from instructors if unable to attend virtual instruction. Instructors should make every effort to record lectures and post for students to view prior to the next class.


All announcements will be shared on the Georgia Tech homepage, including specific changes to campus services, such as transportation or dining services. Further, an alert will be sent via the Georgia Tech Emergency Notification System (GTENS). Concurrently, notification is announced across the official Georgia Tech social media accounts. Finally, Institute Communications will notify local radio and television stations to be included in their lists of area closures.