Weather or other emergency situations may make it necessary for Georgia Tech to declare either "classes canceled" or "campus closed" conditions. Other declarations may include "classes canceled until [time]" or "classes canceled, but staff report to work," etc. The specific type of declaration that is made will determine which employees are required to come to work.

Classes Canceled Condition

When a "classes canceled" condition is in effect, all classes and instructional laboratories are affected; students and instructional faculty are not required to report to campus. Administrative and research activities not directly tied to the instructional function will generally continue as normal, unless otherwise instructed by a supervisor. Other support employees may also be instructed not to report to work at the discretion of the administrator responsible for each major division.

Campus Closed Condition

When a "campus closed" condition is in effect, no employees are to report to work, except those previously designated as "emergency essential" by their department, or otherwise instructed by a supervisor.

Campus opening or operations may also be delayed until a designated later time.

Students, faculty, and staff can find out about campus closures and Tech's weather response in several ways. All announcements will be shared on the Georgia Tech homepage, including specific changes to campus services, such as transportation or dining services. In the event of a closed campus or canceled/delayed classes, an alert will be sent via the Georgia Tech Emergency Notification System (GTENS). Concurrently, notification is announced across the official Georgia Tech social media accounts. Finally, Institute Communications will immediately notify local radio and television stations to be included in their lists of area closures.