The Atlanta Science Festival & Georgia Tech Present: Science & Engineering Day at GT

Members of the Georgia Tech community are opening their doors for the Atlanta Science Festival. Whether you’re interested in robotics, brains, biology, space, art, nanotechnology, paper, computer science, wearables, bioengineering, chemical engineering, or systems engineering, there will be activities for you. Visit campus for lab tours, hands-on STEAM activities, exhibits, demonstrations, opportunities to meet student researchers, and learn about the research and so much more happening at Tech.

  Biomechanics Basics
Learn how scientists research human motion for innovations in robotics, prosthetics and exoskeletons + ultrasound demonstrations to show muscles in action.

Through the Lenses of your Senses
A tour of the senses from a Neuroscience perspective.

Fundamentals of Electrical Energy
Build a simple electric motor (yours to keep!) and see demonstrations of a electrostatic Van de Graaff generator and a plasma globe.

Garcia Lab for Regenerative Medicine
Learn About the Intersection of Engineering, Materials Science, & Cell Biology.

Introduction to Chemical Engineering
See how various labs at GT use Chemical Engineering research to innovate across technology applications.

Intro to Industrial & Systems Engineering
Participants will Build Lego structures using Industrial & Systems Engineering principles.

Introduction to Mechanical Engineering
Learn about the broad areas of Mechanical Engineering research at Georgia Tech!

The Georgia Tech Research Institute presents its traveling, laser-themed museum. Interactive exhibits teach the history of lasers, how they work, and how they are used in our modern, technological society.

Learn to Code With BBUGS
Learn to code with games

Physics of Flight
Aviation Demonstrations

What is Blood Composed Of?
Learn the different components of blood and their different functions.

Need an Arm with That?
Learn how humans and robots collaborate by building simple structures with a
robot arm as your partner.

Papermaking: History & Hands-On
Participants will learn to make a handcrafted sheet of paper and tour the Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking Spring Exhibit “Pulp + Fiber”.

retroTECH Exhibit & VR for Science Education
View an amazing collection of retro video games on vintage consoles + the Data Visualization Lab is offering demonstrations of virtual reality games that explore science.

Stem Cell Plinko
Learn how stem cells differentiate using a Plinko game example

Virtual Reality & 3D Printing: Bioapplications
Demonstrations of VR and 3D printing technologies and lab tours.

Distracted Calling
A competitive racing-game that shows how much impact cell phone operation has on driving performance + demonstrations on improving everyday tasks with ergonomic design.

Tour a cutting edge brain imaging facility, make a paper brain hat, and see electroencephalogram and transcranial magnetic stimulation demos.

Introduction to Microfluidics
Microfluidic devices have myriad applications in biomedical engineering; they can be used for the analysis of biological fluids, separation and sorting of different cell types, and can even be used to grow 3-dimensional tissues and live organisms! The Bioengineering Graduate Association will demonstrate the capabilities of microfluidics and provide hands-on examples so visitors can see for themselves!

What’s the “A” in STEAM?
A gallery exhibit of research-inspired artwork + interactive science-themed arts & crafts.

What’s the Big Deal About Nanotechnology?
How do scientists and engineers make and see nanoscale objects? What does your hair or an insect’s eye look like under a scanning electron microscope (SEM)? Through hands-on demos, learn what makes the nanoscale different. Take a cleanroom tour and bring a sample (not wet and not greater than an inch in diameter) to scan with our tabletop SEM.