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Tech Promise Scholarship Expands to Help More Georgia Students

Under new program guidelines, Tech Promise will now assist qualified families whose annual estimated...

How to Manage Stress During Midterms

The stress of midterms may be unavoidable at times, but it can be managed. Here are a few tips and r...

Courtesy of Georgia Tech Athletics
If You’re Staying in Atlanta for Spring Break 

While many will head home or out of town, for fun or for service projects, others will stay close to...

As university archivist, Alex McGee is eager to serve as a resource for anything related to Georgia Tech’s history. (Photo by Allison Carter)
Meet Alex McGee, University Archivist

As the university archivist, McGee carefully considers what should be documented and preserved as Ge...

Book jackets for What to Read, Spring Break 2023
What to Read During Spring Break

Members of Book Jackets suggest books to read during spring break.

A Dream Garage Comes True

With the new Reck Garage, officially unveiled this spring next to the John Lewis Student Center, Geo...

Celebrating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG) Action and Awareness Week
SDG Week Highlights Sustainable Development Goals

The campus community is invited to participate in a variety of events that increase awareness of and...

Alvarez-Robinson is a co-facilitator for the workshop.
Psychological Safety Workshop Open to Faculty and Staff Leaders

Session includes role-playing scenarios to practice applying strategies to potential challenges. ...

The current scope for the East Campus Streetscape project. Pending design costs, the final scope may vary.
Campus Environment Evolves and Adapts

The latest on campus construction, renovation, and renewal projects.

Utility location map page 2.
Utility Location project in effect February 16 - February 27

The location project will last 10 days.