Qcells, a solar power company, plans to build a $2.3 billion manufacturing complex just north of Atlanta in Cartersville to not only make state-of-the-art components for solar panels, but also to build complete panels used in a variety of settings, from houses to large-scale commercial and industrial solar arrays.
$2.3B Qcells Solar Power Investment Holds Major Potential for Georgia

Georgia Tech experts are at the forefront of technology and research that could revamp clean energy ...

A national shortage has parents and families across the country struggling to feed newborns as store shelves have been left bare of baby formula products – including many brands critical to young children with specific vulnerabilities.
A break in the baby formula supply chain

Georgia Tech experts explain how we got here and how long this shortage could last

Raianna Brown (pictured left here) and Makeda Cyrus danced alongside Beyoncé in a performance that opened the 2022 Oscars.
Georgia Tech Graduates Dance Alongside Beyoncé at Oscars

Yellow Jackets Raianna Brown and Makeda Cyrus represent on global stage

Team Sola, comprised of mechanical engineers Wessley Pergament of Old Westbury, NY, and Brayden Drury of Park City, Utah, won the 2022 Georgia Tech InVenture Prize.
Team Sola Wins 2022 Georgia Tech InVenture Prize

Students aim to provide financial assistance to homeowners more quickly after tornadoes