Georgia Tech researchers highlight the limitations of the "maternity care desert" measure in accurately representing access to obstetric care in Georgia, urging for more sophisticated, region-specific approaches to address the state's high maternal mortal
Researchers have developed a methodology to determine why coastal glaciers are retreating, and in turn, how much can be attributed to human-caused climate change.
A new AI teammate developed by Assistant Professor Christopher MacLellan could be the ideal co-opt video game partner.
A new data visualization tool designed by a Georgia Tech Ph.D. student is helping a team of microbial ecologists, geobiologists, and oceanographers gain more insight into how deep-sea microorganisms interact within their environment.
The bio-inspired implant could help patients avoid total knee replacements, which are frequently required due to long-term degeneration caused by meniscus injuries.
Improving mobile internet service by removing the data cap has large benefits for disadvantaged households.
While most treatments for cardiac events target breaking down blood clots, Georgia Tech researchers have found a way to prevent blood clots from even forming.
Assistant Professor Jan van den Brand was recently awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Award for his groundbreaking work developing more efficient algorithms.
Entrepreneurs are on campus to learn how to scale and develop viable ecosystems for startup success.