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Another volcano in Iceland reawakens

Josef Dufek

Josef Dufek

Assistant Professor
School of Earth and Planetary Sciences, College of Sciences

After the economic and airline disruption caused by the now infamous Eyjafjallajökull eruption in 2010, it's not surprising that the stirring of another Iceland volcano has gained great attention. This time it’s Bardarbunga, a volcano in central Iceland. Numerous earthquakes at 5 to 10...

Marine protected areas might not be enough to help overfished reefs recover

Pacific corals and fish can both smell a bad neighborhood, and use that ability to avoid settling in damaged reefs.

Annoying Internet users in the name of science

Amy Bruckman

Amy Bruckman

Associate Professor
School of Interactive Computing, College of Computing
Founder, Electronic Learning Communities Research Group Member, GVU Center  

Facebook researchers recently apologized for intentionally manipulating what people saw in their newsfeeds as they conducted a study on user interaction. The researchers filtered the feeds to contain fewer positive emotional words. They...

How to help humanitarian aid

Julie Swann

Julie Swann

School of Industrial abd Systems Engineering, College of Engineering
Co-Director, The center for Health and Humanitarian Logistics

The humanitarian tragedies unfolding around the world have left many wondering what they can do to help. The Georgia Tech Health & Humanitarian Logistics Center uses science to improve areas of humanitarian need. Julie Swann...

Into the Streets

7:30am to 1:00pm
Peters Parking Deck
Freshmen are invited to take part in MOVE's annual day of service around Atlanta


10th Annual Latino Welcome Weekend

5:00pm to 7:30pm
Skiles Courtyard
Free food, door prizes, raffles, live performance by GT Salsa Club and more

2010 Chilean earthquake causes icequakes in Antarctica

Study is the first to indicate that Antarctica is sensitive to seismic waves from distant earthquakes
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