Looking Back 3.8 Billion Years into the Root of the “Tree of Life”

Researchers are tapping information found in the cells of all life on Earth, and using it to trace life’s evolution.

Six Faculty Named 2015 AAAS Fellows

Fellows are elected by their peers in recognition of distinguished contributions to science or its application.

3rd Annual Tech4Good Poster Showcase

4:00pm to 6:00pm
Clough Building Atrium
Serve. Learn. Sustain

Cooking corals on Christmas Island

Kim Cobb

Kim Cobb

Associate Professor
School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, College of Sciences

On this remote island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, corals are being put to the test of their lives as water temperatures soar to a staggering 31C (88F). The current El Niño event is responsible for the large-scale warming across the equatorial Pacific, but water temperatures have been...

What Should the U.S. Do About ISIL?

Margaret Kosal

Margaret Kosal

Assistant Professor of International Affairs
The Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts 

Before joining the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs as an associate professor, Magaret Kosal served as science and technology advisor within the Office of the Secretary of Defense. She recently returned to Georgia Tech after serving as an advisor to the Chief of Staff of...

Changing National Security Landscape, 1945-1953: The Ray Davis '38 Legacy Symposium

2:00pm to 7:00pm
The Gordy Room, Wardlaw Building
Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, the School of History and Sociology, the University of Virginia, and other distinguished guests explain significance of the Korean War and honor General Ray Davis

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